Why 800 Degrees Celsius?

After we have found the current restaurant, we had a lot of brainstorming, what kind of gastronomy we want to operate. By affairs programs and reports on the internet we came up with the " Wolfgang` s " in New York. There are many, many steaks are successfully cooked in 800 -degree oven for some time. After some research, we found our "Southbend" in the U.S. and ordered it. It turned out that our "800 degrees" was the first oven of its kind in Spain.

Until this we had reached. Only thing missing was a fitting name. During the name search we had a lot of crazy ideas, but we have rejected all very quickly. But, like happens often, you can’t see the obvious. Our dear friend Gerlinde then brought us on the right way. The oven and especially what it can should be our restaurants name. For that it is the centerpiece, the highlight of the restaurant. Why complicated, if it is as simple?

So we created our "Bistro Steakhouse 800 degrees Celsius" in Costa de la Calma, Mallorca.

The Southbend oven, fired with gas, reaches in a very short time the incredible temperature of 800 ° Celsius1500 Fahrenheit. Due to the exceptionally high temperature caramelizes the emerging fat, flavor carrier, on the surface and closes the steak immediately. Under this crust the juice remains in the steak. The steaks are tender and juicy inside thereby, crispy on the outside and have an incomparable taste. After cooking, the taste is rounded off by a little clarified butter, sea salt and ground pepper. All who have tried such a cooked steak praise the matchless taste.

Our Address

Carrer de Santa Ponsa, 15
07183 Costa de la Calma, Mallorca

Tel: 0034 632 076 067